Privacy Policy – California Disclosures

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Last Updated: April 2, 2020

These California Disclosures supplement our Privacy Policy and contain the additional information that is required to be provided to California residents under the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Our Privacy Policy may be updated periodically. The current Privacy Policy is always available on our website and the date on which the Policy was last updated (the "Revision Date") is always shown at the top of the Privacy Policy.

We know that you care about how your personal information is used and shared. Our Privacy Policy, including these supplemental California Disclosures, describes how Ross Simons (the "Company" or "we") collects your personal information (including when you visit our websites, including and, or use our mobile apps), the purposes for which we use the information, and the types of third parties with whom we might share it. Our Privacy Policy also describes your rights to obtain, update, delete, and restrict the use of information we have about you. Each time you provide us with personal information, you are consenting to the practices described in our Privacy Policy.

Categories of Personal Information We Collect

The types of information that we have collected during the 12 months before the Revision Date fall into certain categories established by the California Consumer Privacy Act:

  • Identifiers, such as your name, address, email address, and phone number
  • Personal information, such as a signature, credit or debit card number, or driver's license number
  • Age, gender or gender identity, marital status, religion, or other protected characteristics
  • Visual information, such as images captured on cameras in our stores (we do not use these images to identify you except when identification is for security, anti-theft, or law enforcement purposes)
  • Commercial information, such as history of products purchased or considered
  • Internet or other electronic network activity information, such as browsing history and information regarding your interaction with advertisements and other features on our websites
  • Inferences drawn from the information described above to create a customer profile about you

Source of Personal Information

We collect the information described above from the following sources: advertising networks, social networks, data brokers, data analytics providers and directly from you.

Purposes For Which We Use Your Personal Information

We use your personal information to provide services to you and to operate, develop, and improve our business and the products and services we offer to our customers. For example, we use your information:

  • To take and handle orders, deliver products and services, process payments, and communicate with you about your orders
  • To deliver marketing and promotional communications that we believe may be of interest to you, including ads or offers tailored to you
  • To personalize your experience with us
  • To detect security incidents and protect against malicious, deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity
  • For our business purposes, such as risk control, data analysis, audits, developing new products and services, debugging and enhancing our website, improving the products and services we provide to you, and identifying usage trends and determining the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns

Information We Disclose or Sell

Over the 12 months preceding the Revision Date:

  • We disclosed personal information listed under all of the "Categories of Personal Information We Collect" to service providers who help us provide goods and services to you and operate our business, such as payment processors, shipping companies, printing companies, analytics companies, consumer reporting agencies, and fraud protection and investigation companies.
  • We sold (as the California Consumer Privacy Act defines the term "sell") the following types of personal information to credit card issuers, data brokers, media companies, and marketing companies: identifiers, commercial information, and internet or other electronic network activity information.

Your Rights Under the California Consumer Privacy Act

If you are a resident of California, the California Consumer Privacy Act gives you the following rights with respect to your personal information:

  • The right to ask us to disclose what personal information we have collected, used, disclosed, or sold about you
    • To make a request for disclosure, click here or call us at 800-493-2808.
    • We will use the process described below to verify the identity of anyone who requests your personal information
    • You can ask us to provide this information to you up to twice in any 12-month period
    • You may ask us to disclose information in any of the categories listed above under "Categories of Personal Information We Collect"
    • We will not disclose information that we are prohibited from disclosing by applicable law. For example, the California Consumer Privacy Act prohibits us from disclosing your credit card number or account password.
  • The right to ask us to delete the personal information that we have collected from you
    • To make a request for deletion, click here or call us at 800-493-2808.
    • We will use the process described below to verify the identity of anyone who requests deletion of your personal information
    • Please note that deleting your information will remove your purchase history from our records, so after deletion we will be unable provide you with a record of your purchases
    • Under the California Consumer Privacy Act, we are not required to delete your personal information if we need it for certain purposes, such as completing a transaction you requested or fulfilling the terms of a written warranty
  • The right to opt out of sales of your personal information
    • You have the right to tell us not to sell your personal information (the right to "opt out")
    • To make a Do Not Sell request, please contact us or call us at 800-493-2808
  • The right not to be discriminated against for exercising your privacy rights
    • We cannot treat you differently, such as by refusing to sell you goods or services or charging you different prices, because you chose to exercise your privacy rights
    • This rule does not prohibit us from offering different prices that are directly related to the value of your information to us

Verifying a Request to Disclose or Delete

In order to protect your information from unauthorized disclosure or deletion, we will not disclose any information unless we believe that the person making the request is you or your authorized agent. To verify the identity of the requestor, we will ask for your name, address, and email address. We will also ask you for an additional piece of information to match information we already know about you, such as the last 4 digits of your credit card number, the last item you purchased, or a shipping address you have used in the past. We may send an email or text message with an authentication code to a device you have used previously to communicate with us. If you have a password-protected account with us, we can verify your identity by using your account authentication credentials.

If you have authorized someone else (an "authorized agent") to request information on your behalf, you must give the agent your written and signed permission. We may request that you identify yourself directly and confirm that you have authorized the agent to submit the request on your behalf.

Protection of Children's Personal Information

We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of children's personal information. We do not knowingly collect personal information from anyone under the age of 16. If you believe that a child younger than 16 has provided personal information to us, please contact us.

For More Information

If you have questions or comments about our Privacy Policy or these California Disclosures, you can contact us: