Necklace Size Chart

The average neck circumference for a woman is about 13". The illustration to the left shows an approximation of how a necklace will hang on a common neck size. Anything smaller than 16", would be considered a "choker." However, not everyone has the same neck circumference so it is important to create your own unique necklace sizing chart using this simple drop length formula Necklace Length minus Neck Circumference divided by Two

16-, 18-, 20-, 24-, 30- and 36-inch necklaces examples on manequin.

Necklace Sizes for Women

For example, say you want to buy an 18" necklace, but aren't sure how it will fit. You measure your neck and it comes to 14 inches. 18 minus 14 divided by two comes to 2. This means that you will have 2" of room once the necklace is secured. Additionally, if the necklace has beads or a graduated design, it's crucial to keep in mind that this will influence how the necklace will fall.

How to Wear a Necklace: 60"

Two examples of how to wear a 60-inch necklace.

A 60" necklace is perfect for achieving the long look. Just slip it on and viola! This length is likely too long for a pendant, but feel free to layer it on with other necklaces of varying lengths. What is so nice about this size is that you can instantly make layers by wrapping it around the neck again. It will create the illusion of two necklaces. Just adjust it to achieve the style you want. Keep the layers close for a nested look. Or give them a lot of distance to fashion the appearance of a choker and long necklace together.

How to Wear a Necklace: 80"

7 different pictures of how an 80-inch necklace is worn.

The 80" necklace is one of the longest lengths you can buy and the most versatile. Though it is too long to wear as is, it can be folded and tied and twisted into a variety of different styles. Wrap it around two, three or four times for some dramatic layers. And for an attention-grabbing statement, try looping it or knotting it into an interesting focal point. Another fashion secret is using a necklace shortener. Simply fold the necklace and attach the shortener to the looped ends. Twist the strands and you have an instant torsade!