Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones like tranquil blue tanzanites and fiery red rubies embark on long, incredible journeys before they make their homes in beautiful jewelry: It is only through a chance combination of tremendous heat, pressure, and a great deal of time that some of the world's most vibrant treasures are initially formed. Magma from deep within the earth rises towards the earth's crust, cooling in the process. Sometimes, this magma crystallizes and forms minerals. Then, overwhelming subterranean pressure subtly alters the chemical makeup of these minerals. This variable force, combined with the presence or absence of other factors like air and water, results in the formation of a wide variety of gemstones waiting to be mined.

Earth's Bounty

However, these gemstones are not ready for use in jewelry crafting just yet! First, the raw gem must be cut and polished. Thus, RS Pure is able to offer colored gemstones in any number of cuts, be it a garnet round or a diamond baguette. Next, colored gemstones undergo treatment processes, which most commonly involve heating the stones. Heat augments the gems' natural colors, increases their transparency, and guards against fading. At this stage, a wax or seal may be applied as a protective coating before the gem is given a final polish and made ready for use in jewelry!

NOTE: Like most colored gemstones on the market today, those in RS Pure's collection may be treated to enhance their color and beauty. Specifically, all of our colored diamonds have been treated unless we describe them as "natural." Also, select rubies and emeralds, as is trade custom, may be filled to improve their appearance and clarity.

Imagine a trove of the brightest treasures nature has to offer and you will find it at RS Pure. Through expert gem selection and professionally applied treatment techniques, RS Pure offers gemstone jewelry in every color of the rainbow, from shocking pink tourmalines to dreamy blue sapphires. Gemstone necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings can feature one gemstone or combine several different gems for a breathtaking, prismatic effect. No matter what color or cut you are searching for, you will find it at RS Pure.